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Care and Warranty

Mailbox Care

Weather, extreme temperatures and constant exposure to UV rays create a harsh environment for your mailbox. While all of our mailboxes leave our shop with protective coatings applied (polyurethane for hardwoods, waterproof sealant for redwood), any wood product subjected to constant outdoor exposure will change in appearance and eventually, performance, as it ages. You can prolong the life of your mailbox by taking the following steps:

  • Carry the unmounted mailbox supported from the bottom, not by the lid or the wooden trim.
  • Mount the mailbox in a location that is protected from direct exposure to the elements.
  • Clean the mailbox periodically with soapy water to remove dirt and debris that can trap rain and prevent proper water drainage.
  • Periodically apply wax to painted and bare steel surfaces to prolong the finish.
  • Limit exposure to salt, salt water, and corrosive materials. Our mailboxes are not recommended for locations with extreme weather.

Warranty and Repair

We warrant for 90 days after your original purchase from us that your mailbox is sold free of defects in materials, parts and workmanship. If you find that your mailbox is defective, we will replace or repair it free of charge. Simply email us at with a description of the problem and your order receipt. We will get back to you quickly with instructions.

If your mailbox has broken for reasons other than defects warranted above, we want to help you repair it. However there may be a cost depending on the repair needed. Email us at with a description of the problem so that we can help you.